What I love about my job in this strange virtual   age is the way things you do live on beyond the day you do them, as my morning email so often reminds me.

When I was a young(ish, well new) therapist, the work had enormous immediate rewards.  There were clients who left feeling you had shared their journey as they turned their lives around.  Clients would sometimes send a Christmas card with an update on how they continued on this new track.  Clients came referred by previous clients with high expectations that you could help them in the same way.  Doing therapy is such a privilege. People you have never met before allow you such intimate access to their secret inner lives.

I love that. It still happens. I had a message on my answering machine the other day from a former client saying a day never goes by that she does not think of the work we did together as she does something easily and comfortably that was pretty much an impossibility for her before we began.

Now my work has added another dimension. This virtual world is a community which embraces people whose lives I discover I have somehow touched without ever meeting them – another great privilege.  Things like being a presenter in the World Tapping Summit 2010* at the end of last year and in the Trauma Telesummit last month**  Things like taking part in EFT special broadcast weekends on Practice Building and EFT for Weight.***  I get emails from people I may never meet saying how much something I said helped them to move on or opened up a rich seam of new possibilities for them.

I just went on YouTube to see how many hits my DVDs introducing EFTand explaining the EFT tapping points have had (30,000 and 15,000 respectively).   Being lazy I just put in a search for my name and other things popped up and surprised me.  I have presented at events for which I did not have the filming copyright so I keep turning up where I don’t know I am.  Or people email to ask me questions about something I said on a DVD and leave me wondering: “What DVD?”

Now there are two very contrasting additions to my work coming up.

There is my new EFT app for iPhone/Pad/Pod (touch) which, after some teething troubles, should be working better and for more people when the revised edition is released in about ten days.  The first seemed reluctant to talk to anything less than an iPhone 4.  It is at this minute being given a good talking to.  That was never its brief.  My hope is that it will take EFT to many, many more people, most of whom I will never meet, but who will discover through it how we can all tap into this great self-help and therapy tool.  Maybe once in a while one of them will email me and tell me it was useful to them.

The second is joining with six other EFT Masters to run and present at the EFT Masterclass 2011 in York, on October 22/23.  I have run one on my own and one with two other masters.  Now we are seven.  The event is booking already on   It will be mega in EFTland with EFT enthusiasts, practitioners and trainers getting together to catch up on what we are up to in our work, to learn from one another, to network, to share, and to have fun together.

I have a fantasy about this person who downloads the app, is intrigued, learns more, become an EFT addict, comes to the Masterclass and introduces himself or herself to me and tells me that is their story.   It could happen. In this infinitely networked age, it really could.

* For the 2011 World Tapping Summit go to: There are some great free videos up there right now.
**The trauma telesummit is
***These and lots of other audios are to be found on

About Judy Byrne EFT Founding Master

I draw on my 30 plus years' experience as a therapist to help people achieve the change they want in their lives with EFT, an amazing technique involving tapping on points on the meridians. It is both is brilliant in therapy and as a self-help tool. And I have taught EFT both to people who want to learn it to use for themselves and to those who want to take EFT into their therapy practices. I also have qualifications in psychotherapy, hypnosis, EMDR and Mindfulness. These days I evangelize for EFT by writing bout it and talking about it at conferences around the world.
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