One of the most intriguing things about EFT is what is called Borrowing Benefits.  It  describes the way we can literally borrow benefits when we tap with someone else on their  problem and find we have , incidentally, cleared something of our own at the same time.

EFT founder, Gary Craig , formulated Borrowing Benefits after practitioners noticed that when they tapped with clients they got rid of things of their own.  Since good practitioners deliberately put their own stuff elsewhere while they are working with clients this seems truly remarkable.  But most tapping practitioners will tell you the same thing ..

My first experience of Borrowing Benefits was in a group f 15 EFTers who went together to California back in 2003 to do advanced training with Gary Craig in his own home.  The deal was that, as Gary did not want to come here, we would go there. He would teach us free and  he would demonstrate what he was teaching us by working with us one at a time while everyone else tapped.  He would video the sessions for the Borrowing Benefits series of DVDs he was putting together at the time, ready to launch the concept worldwide.  (In the end, only one session from that week made the cut. The others were cursed by sound problems. )

I have always suspected Borrowing Benefits might be at its most efficient when the tapping had a theme that was relevant to everyone in the group, even if the specific aspects were not.   And so it has proved in a series of sessions I have just finished.   I have done them with two people wanting to work on issues about eating, weight and body image.  They both tapped on what they wanted to clear, as well as what the other did, and found it surprising how often something changed even when they were just joining in with the other person, rather than staying their own path.

I have recorded the sessions so others can also use them tap along with these two clients as a way of clearing their own related issues.  They come with  a bonus free eWorkbook which is not a programme , but a way of provoking thought about the theme.  Experience tells us that we borrow benefits most efficiently when, even though  we are not focussing on our own stuff at the time,  we have paid some attention to it before we put it back on the back burner.

If you would like to try them, the link to my tapping shop is /products.htm.  If you decided to try them I would appreciate any feedback you are willing to share.

Masterclass update.  The EFT Masterclass 2011 now has a Facebook notice board you are welcome to join  ( if you want to be kept posted about developments.   The latest is that, besides presentations by me and six other EFT Masters – Sue Beer, Emma Roberts, Ann Ross, Tania Prince, Gwyneth Moss, and Jaqui Crooks,  we are using the eighth session for group mentoring.  Which means you can ask anything you want to know more about from any or all of us.  ( I wonder if any question will get seven completely different answers.)

The Masterclass is in York on October 22/23 and if you want the best accommodation deals don’t leave it late to book.  York is a popular half-term destination, even when it doesn’t also have a Masterclass to offer as well.

About Judy Byrne EFT Founding Master

I draw on my 30 plus years' experience as a therapist to help people achieve the change they want in their lives with EFT, an amazing technique involving tapping on points on the meridians. It is both is brilliant in therapy and as a self-help tool. And I have taught EFT both to people who want to learn it to use for themselves and to those who want to take EFT into their therapy practices. I also have qualifications in psychotherapy, hypnosis, EMDR and Mindfulness. These days I evangelize for EFT by writing bout it and talking about it at conferences around the world.
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