I marvel at how technology shrinks the world.

Having moved so far that if I went any further I would be on the way back, I am delighted to find that, thanks to technology, I can continue to be in the thick of things.

I am still on the executive of AAMET International, the biggest not-for-profit EFT organisation in the world. It is a challenge to arrange meeting times to accommodate Australia, the UK and the US. It changes with the seasons. For half the year, I have to be up, dressed, ready for the video and with a high enough caffeine level to think in time for a meeting at 6 am. The other half, the meeting starts at 10 pm my time and often goes past mid-night.

There have been similarly early morning meetings across the three continents to coordinate contributions for the upcoming AAMET Master of Applied EFT, which is an exciting new advanced training for experienced practitioners to be launched later this year.

Ann Adams, who was the administrator of the original EFT Masters programme until Gary Craig decided to close it down after granting the title to only 29 people worldwide, is organising this new programme. Unlike the original one which was all about assessment this is going to be about learning and developing skills.

There will, of course, be high standards of assessment both to determine eligibility to join the course and competency in what it has taught. I am producing some of the modules, as are other Founding Masters.  (Register interest at http://Applied
The technology that makes me feel I have not been relegated to the side-lines when I moved to a quieter corner of the world includes the ability to get to other places fairly quickly and (relatively) painlessly.

I am not long back from the ACEP (Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology) conference in Santa Clara, California where, with fellow AAMET executive members Dr Shoshana Garfield and Kate Munden (UK) and with Ann Adams (US) we represented AAMET.

We met some of our US (and other) AAMET members as well as energy therapists with other affiliations who were interested to know more about AAMET and about the up-coming Masters programme. And we got to discuss past learning and future opportunities with some of the major movers and shakers in the energy therapy field worldwide.

It really was a really stimulating conference. There was so much choice that deciding which sessions to attend was a challenge.

I suppose the two things that most stay with me are what is happening in EFT research and the inspiring humanitarian work ACEP sponsors.

I was persuaded by John Freedom, who is ACEP’s head of research and to whose book Heal Yourself with Emotional Freedom Technique I contributed, to go to the research day.

At it I met the impressive Assistant Professor in Psychology at Bond University, Queensland, Dr. Peta Stapleton, a clinical and health psychologist who is doing really interesting EFT research on cravings and eating and on anxiety in schools. The eating research has now been turned into an online project. She got the award for Researcher of the Year at the gala dinner. (Google her. She has published a lot.)

Peta has a big event in Australia next year. You can see it on Speakers include Brad Yates (with whom I also caught up at ACEP), Dr David Hamilton (who is one of my all-time favourite presenters and got raves at the last EFT Masterclass I co-organized in London), Dr Joe Dispenza, Dr Lori Leyden and Dr Helena Popovik .
All the technology I need now is a better broadband connection. I am badgering my providers to get one. But that is another story…

About Judy Byrne EFT Founding Master

I draw on my 30 plus years' experience as a therapist to help people achieve the change they want in their lives with EFT, an amazing technique involving tapping on points on the meridians. It is both is brilliant in therapy and as a self-help tool. And I have taught EFT both to people who want to learn it to use for themselves and to those who want to take EFT into their therapy practices. I also have qualifications in psychotherapy, hypnosis, EMDR and Mindfulness. These days I evangelize for EFT by writing bout it and talking about it at conferences around the world.
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