Time for all change now?

Are we on the verge of a paradigm shift?  It is a term people bandy about lightly.  But I mean a real one in which the way we see the world changes forever. A change from which there is no going back.

Something like realizing the world is not flat.

Why do I think we at a tipping point in our world view of consciousness, of mind/body?

There is a strange and otherwise perplexing battle going on between parts of the old psychology establishment and energy psychology. And, to me, it has the feel of the sort of desperate last ditch attempt to cling on to the old world view.

EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques is the branch of energy psychology I know best.  And I know it has wide acceptance in some mainstream circles.  I have trained psychologists and psychiatrists who have embraced it wholeheartedly and find it useful in their work.

They find what I know – that one of the things EFT does best is work with post-traumatic stress.

Yet the American Psychological Association, in its current draft guidelines for working with PTSD, “strongly recommends” such cognitive therapies as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy  (CBT), “recommends” Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and does not even mention EFT or Thought Field Therapy (TFT) which is closely related to EFT.

This despite the fact that there are 11 references to EFT for PTSD in a literature search of the three main sources they used to draw up their guidelines.

Of course US guidelines are directly relevant only in the US.  But we all know when America sneezes …

The facts are: Energy psychology, including EFT, has more than 60 published studies in refereed journals, 20 controlled trials – the science experiment gold standard – with more than 98 percent of their findings supporting the efficacy of energy psychology.

Of the studies that looked at follow-up from three months to two years, 100% found that the gains held.

There are more than 400 therapies in the world. Most have no research. The findings on energy psychology put it into the top 10 per cent of all therapies in terms of research on effectiveness.

And this comes at a time when Socionomen, the official journal for Swedish social workers, reported the results of their government’s two billion Swedish crown investment in CBT which found that it had no effect at all for people disabled by depression and anxiety.

Further, the report found a significant number of people got worse.  And nearly a quarter of the patients who started CBT dropped out.

It cost millions more to pick up the pieces.

So much for giving CBT a “strong” recommendation.

This rejection of energy psychology is not new. It is just the latest round in an on-going campaign to keep a finger in the dyke.

A previous battle, not yet resolved, involves Wikipedia’s scathing denunciation of EFT which includes a review of research that dates back to 2009. A lot has happened in the field in the seven years since.

But every time anyone amends the entry, it is changed back again.  There is no appeal against this. There is no one to whom it is possible to present evidence to contradict the prejudice of the people who go in and alter anything that does not fit their world view, the minute it is posted.

A petition to Jimmy Wales, one of the two Wiki founders, asked for some kind of adjudication in such cases and was signed by 11,500 people. In his response he said: What we won’t do is pretend that the work of lunatic charlatans is the equivalent of “true scientific discourse”. It isn’t.”

So much for rational, dispassionate discourse.

Judy Byrne



author of Introducing Emotional Freedom Techniques – a pratical guide (Icon books)

About Judy Byrne EFT Founding Master

I draw on my 30 plus years' experience as a therapist to help people achieve the change they want in their lives with EFT, an amazing technique involving tapping on points on the meridians. It is both is brilliant in therapy and as a self-help tool. And I have taught EFT both to people who want to learn it to use for themselves and to those who want to take EFT into their therapy practices. I also have qualifications in psychotherapy, hypnosis, EMDR and Mindfulness. These days I evangelize for EFT by writing bout it and talking about it at conferences around the world.
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